Industrial, My Dear Watson

Wind River and IBM’s Watson Tackle Industrial IoT

by Amelia Dalton

What do Wind River, IBM’s Watson, and Industrial IoT have in common? This week’s Fish Fry of course! My guest Dinyar Dastoor (Wind River) and I investigate the ingenious intersection between IBM’s Watson and Wind River’s VxWorks in the world of Industrial IoT. We also discuss what edge-to-cloud recipes are all about and why security, safety, and virtualization are vital to the IIoT landscape.  Read More

Industry News

October 21, 2016

Renesas Electronics Delivers Highly Automated Driving Solution Kit to Accelerate Development of Autonomous-Driving Vehicles

XKL Announces the Launch of its 100GE Coherent Product Suite, eVolocity

Rohde & Schwarz to present T&M solutions for the latest technologies at electronica 2016

PRO DESIGN Expands FPGA Prototyping Portfolio with High-Speed proFPGA Virtex® UltraScale™ based FPGA Modules

ON Semiconductor Imaging Technology Plays Integral Role in World’s First Multi-Aperture Computational Camera

October 20, 2016

Peratech promises a smarter user interface for smartphones and tablets by applying QTC® force-sensing technology to every surface

Spectrum's PXIe Modules allow Precision Signal Generation

Mentor Graphics Integrates its Questa Verification Solution with Jenkins Ecosystem Enabling Maximum Regression Speed

Melexis Announces Pioneering Use of MEMS in Mid-Range Pressure Sensing Applications

STMicroelectronics Delivers Record Performance and Advanced Secure Services for the IoT with New STM32 Microcontroller Enhancements

CANDI Integrates with Intel® Building Management Platform to Provide Edge-to-Cloud IoT Data Access

ADLINK Launches PCIe-GIE72/74 GigE Vision PoE+ Frame Grabbers

October 19, 2016

Renesas Electronics Introduces Two Versions of Third-Generation R-Car Starter Kits to Deliver “One Kit Per Engineer” Software Development Environment

Orange Tree announces Gigabit Ethernet FPGA module with TCP/IP Offload Engine

Intrinsic-ID to Host IoT Security Summit in Silicon Valley: “Establishing Trust for the Internet of Things”

Mentor Graphics Announces Availability of Qualified Calibre PERC Rule Decks for UMC 28nm Technology

Architects of Modern Power Releases New Standard for High Power Advanced Bus Dc-Dc Converter

October 18, 2016

EMA Puts SiliconExpert Part Insight into the OrCAD Design Environment Reducing Supply Chain Risk

EnOcean launches Dolphin brand for its energy harvesting wireless modules

Motion-Sensing Device from STMicroelectronics Certified for Google Daydream and Tango, Supports Immersive Virtual and Augmented Reality on Android Mobile Devices

Mentor Graphics Nucleus RTOS Advances EtherCAT Real-Time Performance for Industrial Automation

First dual-port CSI-2 quad deserializer hub enables faster, more flexible ADAS applications

Silexica to present tutorial at ARM TechCon: “Enabling a productivity boost for Multicore software developers and Architects”

Matrox Imaging Announces Major Release of Flowchart-Based Vision Software

Samtec Expands ExaMAX® High-Speed Backplane Connector System

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What World Maker Faire Shows Us About the Future of Engineering

Posted on 10/19/16 at 10:43 PM by KenRobot

Awesome~! Hope you enjoyed the fish robot. More to come on

How Secure Are Fitness Devices?

Posted on 10/17/16 at 10:09 AM by bmoyer

What do you think about Open Effect's efforts to test the security (and privacy) of fitness devices?

Achronix Goes Chipless

Posted on 10/16/16 at 2:08 PM by gobeavs


You need to do a little more research. Achronix CEO Holt was discussing this hail mary pass back in 2012. So it's not some stealth mode reveal.

Here is my history of Achronix.

1. Fastes…

The FPGA Tool Problem

Posted on 10/13/16 at 8:24 AM by TotallyLost

And every last one of these proprietary tool chains become the boat anchors slowing down faster evolution of high quality advanced tool chain access for the FPGA & ASIC communities. And sadly, the advance of silicon progress too.

Simply because of the …

The FPGA Tool Problem

Posted on 10/13/16 at 8:20 AM by TotallyLost

@Dwyland -

And that is why using an open source FPGA & ASIC tool chain with shared development by Intel, Xilinx, IBM, Atmel, Fujitsu, Hitachi, and all the smaller FPGA/ASIC vendors would become a huge win.

As each of these vendors dumps huge amount…

The FPGA Tool Problem

Posted on 10/13/16 at 8:10 AM by TotallyLost

@Kev -

What makes open source successful is the richness of alternative implementations like yours to explore new areas. And at the same time what makes open source difficult for production environments, is in-house developers unnecessarily using too m…

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October 3, 2016
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