Security and Safety

Not Independent Considerations

by Bryon Moyer

Security and Safety: they would seem to be separate system considerations. Security is the flavor of the year, with everyone belatedly signing on to its importance (even as Yahoo announces another BILLION accounts hacked). Safety, on the other hand, is generally relegated as an issue to those systems that can cause harm. That’s traditionally been military and aerospace, largely; we can now add self-driving (or even driver-assisted) cars to that august community.  Read More

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February 24, 2017

u-blox launches ground-breaking super-low-power GNSS receiver chip for wearable applications

February 22, 2017

Tiny fibers open new windows into the brain

February 15, 2017

Complete range of Excelsys power supplies now meet 4th Edition of IEC60601-1-2 for medical applications

February 07, 2017

Gresham Power Electronics increases range of GPL series encapsulated power supplies

MDM West Opens Tomorrow with Medical Sensor Innovations -- TE Connectivity Transforming Patient Care Through Customized Sensing, Connectivity and Minimally Invasive Devices

560V No-Opto Flyback Regulator Delivers Up to 15 Watts in High Voltage Spacing TSSOP Package

February 06, 2017

Achieve true precision with the industry’s first zero-drift, zero-crossover operational amplifier

February 02, 2017

3MHz Chopper Op Amps from STMicroelectronics Feature Rail-to-Rail Input and Output in Tiny Footprint

February 01, 2017

Reflective optical sensor provides robust reliability and versatility along with market leading ambient light immunity

January 24, 2017

New time-to-digital converter from ams offers industry-best combination of speed, precision and power

January 17, 2017

CEL Introduces New High Performance, Low Cost RF Switches for Communication Applications

January 05, 2017

FIIL Chooses Valencell's PerformTek® Biometric Sensor Technology for Accurate Heart Rate Monitoring in New Carat Pro Wireless Earphones

January 04, 2017

STMicroelectronics Teams with Mobile-Payment Partners to Create Turnkey, Certification-Ready Solution for Wearable Devices

Valencell Raises the Bar in Biometric Sensor Solutions for Hearables and Wearables

January 02, 2017

STMicroelectronics Peps Up Booming Social-Fitness Scene with Smart Motion Sensors for Better Accuracy, Longer Battery Life, and Faster Time to Market

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An Attempt to Clarify Terms and Standards

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The Essence of Big Data

posted by Bryon Moyer

What’s the big deal with Big Data? (11-Jun)

Requirements Modeling and Simulation

posted by Bryon Moyer

Argosim’s new STIMULUS tool is intended to make sure requirements are solid before someone starts building from them. (2-Apr)

The world wins, again

posted by Dick Selwood

Despite our best technology efforts the world can still win (16-Mar)

Free Markets and IoT Conferences

posted by Bryon Moyer

"IoT" is a buzzword, no doubt. But you could spend a lot of time in IoT conferences. How would you choose? (15-Apr)

Internet of Things- This Season's Trend

posted by Dick Selwood


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Radio FPGA!

Posted on 02/23/17 at 12:48 AM by TotallyLost

Thanks Kevin --- way cool parts --- can not wait for their general availability smiling

FPGAs Race for the Bottom

Posted on 02/20/17 at 4:42 PM by logos


You're links are broken.

Also, Microsemi's THREE separate software suites are INCONSISTENT with Linux support.
- FlashPro for Libero IDE does not support Linux. Microsemi's site and documentation is all over the place with FlashPro hardware…

How Does Scatter/Gather Work?

Posted on 02/20/17 at 2:13 PM by TotallyLost

What is FAR worse?

An 8-way time division multiplexor to "fairly share" memory between 6 processors and 2 DMA channels -- no priority accesses to starve another channel, no contention based allocations, just straight channel 1 gets only time slot 1, ch…

How Does Scatter/Gather Work?

Posted on 02/20/17 at 1:16 PM by TotallyLost

Now you might say that no one would be that stupid as to pack all accessed data into a single subchannel. With the number of sub-channels being 2^n (where n is 1, 2 or 3), it's also pretty likely that the underlying data structure to be processed will hav…

How Does Scatter/Gather Work?

Posted on 02/20/17 at 12:37 PM by TotallyLost

@Karl -- sure multiple banks/channels can offer concurrent read/write, or even multiply sourced reads/write -- but each channel still has the native single access or burst fill performance timings.

Now look at the last three figures above, where Cadenc…

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