Drones, Dragons and Data Centers

This week’s episode of Fish Fry is absolutely brimming with geeky goodness! First, I check out some new Dungeons and Dragons names created by optical research scientist and neural network trainer extraordinaire Janelle Shane. Next, I chat with Matt Burns (Samtec) about the trends in interconnects and how interconnects are going to lead the charge in the advancement of data center technology. Finally, I investigate DOCOMO’s new … Read More → "Drones, Dragons and Data Centers"

Polte Locates Anything, Anywhere

“My GPS has a British accent – it’s way less annoying than the American one.” – Rachel Bilson

GPS is pretty spectacular technology. I mean, who would’ve guessed that a swarm of satellites circling 12,550 miles overhead could tell us where we’re standing? It seems crazy, yet GPS is so prevalent now that we barely notice it. It’s part of the … Read More → "Polte Locates Anything, Anywhere"

Achronix 7nm Speedster7t FPGAs

We’ve always been pretty impressed by Achronix – and for good reason. In an FPGA market where countless startups have tried and failed, Achronix somehow built themselves into a successful, independent, profit-making FPGA company. That’s not an easy task, and it required numerous “pivots” on the part of the company.

Initially, Achronix developed a family of novel asynchronous FPGAs and associated tools. When it became clear … Read More → "Achronix 7nm Speedster7t FPGAs"

Firming Up Your Photoresist

When you spend a goodly chunk of your career dealing with EDA-like issues, as did I, then you have a pretty easy gut reaction to anything involving synthesis. See some kind of synthesis with a fancy new name? Must be some new crazy approach to generating logic circuits, right? Probably involving AI (which everything must have these days)?

Um… no. … Read More → "Firming Up Your Photoresist"

Reliability’s Road

“The road to success is paved with the hot asphalt of failure.” ― Craig D. Lounsbrough

In this week’s episode of Fish Fry, we take an in-depth look at the complex reliability issues present in today’s automotive designs. Hany Elhak (Cadence Design Systems) and I chat about the role that mixed-signal chips play in the automotive ecosystem, the reality of defect analysis in the … Read More → "Reliability’s Road"

Resurrecting 1980s Computers

“You have to fight against being an antique.” – Burt Lancaster

Constant improvement brings constant obsolescence. When we keep updating our operating systems, processors, DRAM, and applications, we also leave behind the old apps and data that we used to use.

Normally, that’s not a huge problem. Most programs are backward-compatible with their predecessors. You can … Read More → "Resurrecting 1980s Computers"

May 24, 2019
May 23, 2019
May 22, 2019
May 21, 2019
May 20, 2019
May 18, 2019
May 17, 2019
May 16, 2019
May 15, 2019
Posted on May 22 at 10:15am by Bryon Moyer
Interesting story! "there’s almost nowhere in the modern world – indoors or out – that’s truly outside of cellular range" Oooo... time for trip out into the countryside, away from major highways. Or my house. I'm not that far out of town, but hills (very much not flat in the ...
Posted on May 21 at 4:28pm by TotallyLost
Wow ... one very sweet pivot
Posted on May 20 at 9:07am by Bryon Moyer
What do you think of SIS as a way of improving pattern fidelity with EUV?
Posted on May 18 at 12:19am by TotallyLost
And in the last year, more Tesla deaths ... including Tesla driving under another SemiTrailer and killing it's driver. And some statistics that didn't start with Tesla Marketing https://medium.com/@MidwesternHedgi/teslas-driver-fatality-rate-is-more-than-triple-that-of-luxury-cars-and-likely-even-higher-433670ddde17
Posted on May 13 at 10:14am by Bryon Moyer
What do you think of the notion of software-define manufacturing?
Posted on May 12 at 9:23pm by Kevin Morris
@TotallyLost - my understanding is you can kinda' do that. With Agilex, you can have chiplets with parts of your design hardened via eASIC technology connected via EMIB with FPGA fabric.
Posted on May 11 at 12:50pm by TotallyLost
Would be nice to have your cake, and eat it too ... err ... to still have some reconfigurability after locking down a core part of a design, to pick up a little speed and lower power. Like only harden 1/2 the chip
Posted on May 8 at 10:16am by mrburich
Here is one example describing Altera's HardCopy customer success from the EE Journal's archive, over ten years ago! Many other successes were proprietary to their customers. https://www.eejournal.com/article/20081125_hardcopy/
Posted on May 8 at 9:40am by mrburich
A good article, as usual at EE Journal. For the record, Altera's HardCopy was very successful for several generations and with many key customers. I am sure that experience by Intel's PSG led to the acquisition of eASIC.
Posted on May 6 at 8:54am by Bryon Moyer
What do you think of the latest in lithography from SPIE?
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